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Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

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About this course

This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science and the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Big Data..

Power BI is quickly gaining popularity among professionals in data science as a cloud-based service that helps them easily visualize and share insights from their organizations’ data.

In this data science course, you will learn from the Power BI product team at Microsoft with a series of short, lecture-based videos, complete with demos, quizzes, and hands-on labs. You’ll walk through Power BI, end to end, starting from how to connect to and import your data, author reports using Power BI Desktop, and publish those reports to the Power BI service. Plus, learn to create dashboards and share with business users—on the web and on mobile devices.

What you'll learn

  • Connect, import, shape, and transform data for business intelligence (BI)
  • Visualize data, author reports, and schedule automated refresh of your reports
  • Create and share dashboards based on reports in Power BI desktop and Excel
  • Use natural language queries
  • Create real-time dashboards


0. Introduction
Transforming Data using Power BI Desktop
Lab 1

2. Power BI Desktop Modelling
Data Modelling in Power BI Desktop
Lab 2

3. Power BI Desktop Visualization
Visualizing Your Data
Working with Multiple Visualizations
Lab 3

4. Power BI Service
Working with Power BI Service
Viewing Power BI Dashboard
Lab 4

5. Working with Excel
Creating and Formatting Measures
Using Advanced DAX Functions
Lab: Creating Measures using Advanced DAX Functions

6. Organization Packs, Security and Groups
Connecting and Collaborating with Excel
Lab 6

7. Direct Connectivity
Direct Connectivity
Lab 7

8. Developer API
Developer API
Lab 8

9. Mobile App
Mobile App

  1. Course Number

  2. Classes Start

  3. Classes End

  4. Estimated Effort

    12 - 24 horas en total