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Application Monitoring and Feedback Loops

About This Course

This course will cover general application monitoring and feedback loop practices and principles, including different kinds of feedback. You will learn how feedback is used in different stages of the value stream, and its benefits. You will learn about the different kinds of telemetry, who can benefit from it and how it is used to collect data from monitoring.

You will be introduced to Application Performance Management, the monitoring and management of performance and availability of software applications.

We will also cover Health and Performance Monitoring with Application Insights, including which features it contains, how to use it to monitor your application availability, usage, and performance and diagnostics.

The course also covers Log Analytics, including Operations Management Suite (OMS) Log Analytics. It will cover how to set up and configure Log Analytics for data collection and how to use Log Analytics to search and analyze data. It also covers OMS solutions as well as how to configure visualizations and how to configure alerts.

Finally, the course will cover Third-Party Monitoring Tools, including New Relic, Loggly and Nagios Core.


  • Experience working in an organization delivering software;
  • Knowledge and experience of Microsoft Azure

What you'll learn

  • Understand general application monitoring and feedback loop practices and principles
  • The different kinds of feedback and how they are used in different stages of the value stream, and their benefits
  • How to set up up monitoring with Azure Application Insights
  • Monitor web application availability
  • Search and analyze monitoring data in Application Insights
  • How to use and query Application Insights data and Application Maps
  • How to set up, configure, query and analyze data collection on Operations Management Suite (OMS) Log Analytics
  • How to set up alerts in OMS and integrate Application Insights
  • Configure and monitor a web application with New Relic
  • Configure and use Loggly

Course Syllabus

  • Module 0 | Course Introduction
    • Course Overview
  • Module 1 | Application Monitoring Practices and Principles
    • Module 1 Objectives
    • General App Monitoring and Feedback Loop Practices and Principles
    • Application Performance Management
    • Module 1 Review Questions
  • Module 2 | Health and Performance Monitoring with Application Insights
    • Module 2 Objectives
    • Application Insights
    • Configuration
    • Search and Analysis
    • Analytics
    • Integration
    • Developer Tools
    • Module 2 Review Questions
  • Module 3 | Log Analytics
    • Module 3 Objectives
    • Log Analytics
    • Connected Sources
    • Data Sources
    • Log Search
    • Data Visualization
    • Alerts
    • Log Analytics REST API
    • Module 3 Review Questions
  • Module 4 | Integrating Third-Party Monitoring Tools
    • Module 4 Objectives
    • New Relic
    • Loggly
    • Nagios Core current section
    • Module 4 Review Questions
  • Final Exam
    • Final Exam
  • Post-Course Survey
    • Post-Course Survey